Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Assalamualaikum :)
Let's english-ing today!

Well, today is such a relief as there no clases *it doesnt mean that i hate them, kay*. Just a symbolism of a short holiday. Back then, yesterday night i went to sleep very2 late.. [taking revenge? NO],, I was onlining almost until 3 a.m, doing blogwalking, skyping and touchup-ing the blog with the batgirl fath. As the consequences that i got is>> waking up late  in the morning :( *hahah*. Serves you right.

Anyway, this morning I succeed to do the chores faster than the other waking-up-early-dayS. *ENCORE!* This is because I've been promised b-ha to hang out together today. She told me to meet in the stadium, so we could do some simple or regular exercises before dumped into the wednesday morning market. Well, it supposed to be our first-time-date  first-time-met in Sungai Besar since our last wave for NS, so, well, I quite encouraged and went there 10 minute earlier. Biha told me that she'll be there on 8 a.m. And I managed to be there ON TIME! [suprised? Less lesson sungguh..]

The morning breeze that blown from the bagan was so refreshing. Aahhh~..haha. I managed to cycle faster as I enjoyed the breeze so much. Cool, didnt I? to Allah The Almighty who create the wind. Before reaching the stadium, I bought a milo for breakfast. MILOO IS ALWAYS GOOOODD. It energized me a lot [ Maka, minumlah MILO~ haha :) ] As soon as I stepped the stadium compound, biha wasn't there. So, I did some exercise and also practicing plenty of bicycle's tricks! [Hebat tak..]. Go around the area...and around..around....until 9.05 a.m, when biha arrived. [Memang less lesson]. Then we went to the morning market together. Such a fun thing to going out with a cheerful person like her.

By the way, I managed to do some photographing while waiting for her.

it was raining on that morning. patutla bangun lambat.

the new syariah court. Amazing!

the stadium compound

the uncles kept looking at me when I passed by 


the track

place where the viewers can sit


Whoa! Today's hang-out was really fantastic, but I felt a little dissapointed for myself. I really spent a lot of money today, buying shirts, watch, and FOOD. haha. Quite sad :(  *Thank God it's just a morning market, not a shopping complex yet! * When I went to BSN to bank-in some money, I even become more and more sad viewing the recipt. There's only a little penny left..waaaa 

Does it mean i REALLY need a work?

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