Friday, July 7, 2017

Skill Lab

Skill Lab


Semalam kitorang ada skill lab class bersama beberapa orang doctor, and the aim of this class is to learn some clinical skills that we would forget later (doktor yang ajar kitorang sendiri yang cakap. Luls). Nevertheless it was a good exposure at least kita pernah la pegang some basic medical instruments kan.

So kitorang perform gastic intubation by Ryle's, IV cannulation, urine catheterization and suturing.

Some unique experience and thoughts that i would like to share in this writing are

1.  Skill is really a matter of practice. So setakat ni gastric intubat, urine cath and iv cannulation procedure is not new to us so it kinda easier to revise the indications, contraindications, steps and ect with the doctors during the lessons. Even though tak ingat semua at least we have an idea about them. Sebenarnya dulu masa exam internal medicine emergency semua benda kitorang dah hafal gila2 tapi yelah, when knowledge is not practiced then i would evaporate gitu je merajuk dengan tuan dia. So dalam medicine ni (dan apa2 je), jangan pandang rendah pada concept of repetition. Malas ke, rajin ke, tryyyyyy!

2. On how the teaching goes on. Benda paling suka dengan doktor mesir ni diorang suka ajar as if kita tak pernah dengar langsung pasal benda tu. And they really ajar step by step.

3. The nasogastric tubing session. It was wonderful, sebab doktor kitorang ajar satu benda yang valuable —that is you can teach good things to patient is any condition.  I mean dakwah. So do making the patient feel better in the worst clinical situation. (Rasa macam susunan ayat tak kena. Pftt.) Why i said so? Masa gastric intubation, kita akan induce gag reflex kan. It's a good sign actually; indicating that your tube are passing the correct pathway, not entering the airway. So the first thing bila nampak patient macam dah uwekkk uwekk gitu ialah ask them to swallow and say alhamdulillah. Sebenarnya kita nak dengar any clear word je to ensure that the airway is intact but the word choice of alhamdulillah is awesome for me making me think "wahh kreatifnya doktor!". And even if the procedure failed (eg wrong intubation or the patient vomits), give some me-time for the patient to allow him to be calmer, and ask the patient also to say alhamdulillah (for we're not advancing in a wrong direction)

4. And how the teacher responded to us. He's always reacting "that good, perfect, amazing!" Ahh it makes me remember Dr Shenoufy, he always like "MashaAllah you're so excellent," as to encourage the students. I really wanna be like them somedays 😤!

Egypt really taught me a lot, either on good and bad things actually. It depends on us which one that should we take and 'bumikan' dalam diri. At times when i feel like giving up with egyptian people behaviour and attitudes, Allah selalu datangkan orang yang sama dari kaum yang sama tetapi behave really well as if total 360' change daripada kebiasaan egyptian yang asal. Benda ni ajar kita untuk jadi macam ikan, biarpun tinggal kat laut yang masin tak semestinya kau kena jadi masin kan. Huu.

Thats all for now, tomorrow i have surgery exam so pray for me!!!