Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Assalamualaikum :)

Hati ini selalu tertanya-tanya.
Mengapa ia sukar untuk menjadi selembut dahulu?
Mengapa ia sukar untuk menjadi sebersih dahulu?
Mengapa ia sukar untuk menjadi setenang dahulu?

Ya Allah, hitamnya hatiku...
Banyaknya dosaku...
Ampunkanlah hamba-Mu ini.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

amazing !!!


hebatnya bakat manusia. credit to The Creator :)



super pocoyo

hasil terakhir html :)

(perhatian: post ini ditulis menggunakan kod html)
lucky star !

Klik pada mana-mana tajuk yang anda berkenan. Ingatlah bahawa 52 sama dengan 25 !


Cara capaian utama Internet ialah melalui pemberi atau komputer hos. Pemberi sudah sedia tersambung pada internet
dan memberi laluan atau sambungan kepada individu untuk mencapai internet. Ada 3 yang pemberi banyak
digunakan iaitu kolej dan universiti,pemberi perkhidmatan internet dan pemberi perkhidmatan dalam talian
Untuk kolej dan universiti, ia adalah capaian secara percuma melalui rangkaian
kawasan setempat. Manakala pemberi perkhidmatan Internet menawarkan capaian Internet
dengan mengenakan bayaran. Contohnya Jaring dan TMnet. Bagi pemberi perkhidmatan dalam talian
,selain capaianInternet, ia juga menyediakan capaian pelbagai perkhidmatan lain. Antara yang terkenal
ialah American Online (AOL) dan MSN.


Sambungan ini boleh dilakukan sama ada secara terus ke Internet atau secara tak terus melalui pemberian perkhidmatan.
Sambungan mempunyai 3 jenis iaitu Terus atau Dedikasi , SLIP dan PPP dan Sambungan Terminal .
Maksud Terus dan Dedikasi ialah capaian Internet paling efisyen yang memerlukan pautan terus/dedikasi.
Manakala SLIP dan PPP pula memerlukan modem berkelajuan tinggi dan
talian telefon standard. Akhir sekali ialah Sambbungan Terminal ialah kaedah capaian ke Internet
menggunakan modem berkelajuan tinggi dan talian telefon yang standard.


TCP/IP ialah protokol kawalan peghantaran Internet yang mengawasi bagaimana dan bila komputer berkomunikasi anatara
satu sama lain. Protokol juga mengawal bagaimana mesej dibahagikan, dihantar dan disambung semula.
TCP merupakan penghantar dan penerima mesej bagi setiap proses. Ianya digunakan supaya dapat dikenalpasti
rangkaianyang berlainan konfigurasi dan topologi

Monday, April 25, 2011

doctor? should i?


*For those who still ragu2 to be a doctor. from: Dr. Muhaya

1. Have I made the correct decision?
¨ Yes, you have. Being in the medical field, is one of the best field to give service to mankind. The person most loved by god is the person most beneficial. Being in the medical field, we are always useful in whatever situation. A doctor does not need an office, an organization to serve. A doctor is useful anytime, anywhere and to anybody. If you are one person whose life purpose is to serve others, then you have definitely made the correct decision.

2. Can I be a doctor one day?
¨ Sure you can! It all depends on your intention. A good intention will give good results. If your intention is to serve others, then you have all the power of god almighty, to achieve your ambitions. Whenever we do something with the intention to serve rather than thinking of what’s in it for us, you can be sure that god’s help and blessing will be with you all along. Once God’s help is with you, you will attract people, circumstances and situations that will help you to become a doctor. This may come in the form of doing well in your exams, getting the scholarship and the place in the university as well as passing all exams easily. It will cost you to have inspired actions, which will results in phenomenal success in whatever you do. Have full faith that with God, everything is possible.

3. What are the important traits to become a doctor?
¨ The most important thinking is a very positive mental attitude. One of the most important assets is that they must have a lot of compassion where a doctor has to put others before himself and always wanting things for others more than himself.

Doctor is a really special job :) 

chaiyok !

Prof. Dr. Muhaya

Assalamualaikum :)

Now I gonna to make a tribute for Prof. Dr. Muhaya on this post. Do you know her? I adore her so much as she is a great muslimah icon who should be inspired of. Professor Dr. Muhaya Mohamad currently serves as Consultant Eye Surgeon and Director of PCMC Eye and Lasik Centre Prince Court Medical Centre, Professor of Ophthalmology of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, and Adjunct Professor to International Islamic University of Malaysia. Currently, she is the Chairperson of Malaysian Medical Association Ophthalmological Society.

with her husband- Dr. Aziz

during motivational talk with Syeikh Muzaffar in 'Mata ke Hati'

Besides that, she does motivational speeches to UKM, PCMC staff and students, professionals and on TV and currently she’s also the Director of Personal Development of ACMS. Apart from all of these, one thing that amazed me so much about her is despite her busy works as *semua jawatan di atas la * she can manage her time well to write wonderful books and give magnificient talks about Islam. Masya-Allah :) . This is the role-model whom Islam dream off. A mujahidah who holds both duniawi and ukhrawi. I seldom follow her talks and motivational speech on IKIM radio. And she really inspires me a lot to become like her, and I want to follow her footsteps in the future. Based on what I heard from my mother [ also one of her kipas-susah-mati ] she said that being a doctor is the easiest way to do dakwah. Just approach the patient and give them some motivation as well as pleasant advice on Islam. Teach them how to solat, tawakal and redha. Amazing, right?

I adore her sweet smile

I hope i'll be like her in the future. A professionalist ; at the same time a mujahidah who talks a lot about Islam.

one of her books

If you are interested to read her journal , you can go here. She shares a lot of great story about her patients.

dr. muhaya mohamad

:) Thanks for reading

ayam penyet

Assalamualaikum :)

Have you heard any of ayam penyet? It is one of the dishes that fly from Pulau Jawa, Indonesia. Well, at last I managed to taste some yesterday night. Actually I've been eager to eat ayam penyet sooo muuuch since I saw about it from a stall near by restoran Kuala Kurau *for almost everyday*. The taste is quite good because the chicken (bahagian peha..besau giler ) is very crunchy and scrumptious ! 

Actually the story-of-first-time-eating-ayam-penyet started when I went for a lunch at restoran Kuala Kurau on Friday evening. Instead of looking at the dishes offered at the restaurant,the stall whose  banner decorated with the ayam penyet's picture caught my eyes so much . Looks great as I never consume some before. Yet, I didnt go there because I'd already ordered nasi latna on that time. Then, on Sunday, Intan told me to meet up with her, accompanied by yani for a lunch after 9 hours NON-STOP working as a cashier at rahman's songkok . Haha ! *Suka2 :)* God bless me much as Intan offered to treat me, and what I need is just to order anything that I want. So, I seduced her for an ayam penyet from that particular stall. Unfortunately, it was closed on Sunday. Instead, we had our wonderful lunch at Me Cafe--->all paid by Intan. and we got to eat a lot ! There's even a dessert for us. Whoa ! Thanks Intan :)

At night, I asked my father a lot about ayam penyet. Where do it came from, how it taste, how it looks like, and suprisingly, he offered to take me to an Indonesian stall at Panchang Bedena in order to have the REAL TASTE of ayam penyet. And somehow, we did ! [ although it was already 10 p.m on that time ]. And when the ayam penyet served in front of me, I was like nyum3.. It quite ordinary actually; but I enjoyed the chicken along with the sambal very much. The rice given was so much that I unable to finish it myself. Then, I kept being thankful to my lovely father and also to Him for giving me a GREAT DAY !

:) One from the stall taste better from the Indonesian's. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

tutorial guna template xml

Assalamualaikum :)

mood= happy :)

Here, I want to share with you how to use xml code for blogger template. This kinda way of enhancing the blog is much easier compared to sweating all way with the html codes in order making your own template. Moreover, nowdays template designs are much prettier, so it's worthable. 

Okey, lets start making one. 

1) First, all you need to do is find a template design that you prefer the most
(you can search them easily on Internet. They are abundant. :) Just ask the pakcik google lah. )

keyword : blogger template

2) Once you found or had an eye on a design, download it. It will come in a zip-folder

for example : I love these birdie template


3) then, download it !


4) open the zip file. then you'll find this

5) right click the xml file (the one entitled "birdiesays.....). Select view file.

6) *in notepad* Copy all the html given and.......

7) paste it here. *in edit html* [remove the words in the box first]
Then, click save template. Delete the widget if you want to, but if you choose to keep the widgets, just click "keep widgets".


Finally, it FINISHED !! Enjoy your new template :)

p/s: hope it'd help :)


Assalamualaikum :)

Today I would like to share some knowledge or the speaking skills which I had just learnt during today's class. Hehe. Direct translating is something that nowdays students always do either for their daily conversation or composition. At last, the WORD in BAHASA kept bluttering out from our mouth instead of english.

 Okeh, when we want to start speaking in English, it quite good at first, but suddenly it would got stucked somewhere, RIGHT?  This is because, we Malays tend to keep translating a particular word into english directly from bahasa. For example: tiang lampu ---> Lamp pole  , batu api---> Firestone , baju sekolah----> school cloth. THATS ALL WRONG, dear. It supposed to be lamp post, flint, uniform

Thing like this happend because:

1) Less vocarb
2) Slow-thinking

So, what I've got from the class is-->> TO OVERCOME THIS PROBLEM, one should always keep thinking in english from their brain (during conversing in english laa..) .And then the words will fluently come out from his/her mouth :) Usually people think the words in Malay, then how come the word should come out in english fluently. Then that called as DIRECT TRANSLATION. By the way, there is sometimes we REALLY can't remember certain words although they're just simple ones. If that happend, why not you explain the words using simple sentences instead of being stucked. For example: Matress---> Things that people need to sleep. Stadium---> Place where people held games and sports. Like that. Much simple and easy :)

But then, how can you translate these *just to test your comprehension*

1) Kuat seperti badang
2)Air yang tenang jangan disangka tiada buaya
3)Kehidupan yang lebih aman dan makmur
4)Aku jatuh macam nangka busuk

Happy trying :)


Assalamualaikum :)

Have you heard anything about pocoyo? Its a fun-cute looking baby who always enjoys himself playing with his duck named pato. Actually I have never watching him on television before, but my brother seems to love him very much as he asked me to find for pocoyo videos on YouTube. When first time he asked for my favour, saying, " akak..nak tengok pocoyo" and I was like..haa?? POCOYO? Apekemende tu? After some googling, I found who is pocoyo. So damn little cute-lah! Haha *fell in love* ---and very funny too. As zorif loves the action sooo mucchh,, so I keep using pocoyo as bait  reason to stop him playing online games, so I can blogging, just like what is happening now. Hahah :)

pocoyo *cute* :)

his beshfren : pato :)

elly :)

loula :)

[ dan ramai lagi la..tanya je enchik google ]

Open this if you want to know MORE about pocoyo. Or you either can go to YouTube too :)


*pocoyo is too cute! :) *

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Assalamualaikum :)
Let's english-ing today!

Well, today is such a relief as there no clases *it doesnt mean that i hate them, kay*. Just a symbolism of a short holiday. Back then, yesterday night i went to sleep very2 late.. [taking revenge? NO],, I was onlining almost until 3 a.m, doing blogwalking, skyping and touchup-ing the blog with the batgirl fath. As the consequences that i got is>> waking up late  in the morning :( *hahah*. Serves you right.

Anyway, this morning I succeed to do the chores faster than the other waking-up-early-dayS. *ENCORE!* This is because I've been promised b-ha to hang out together today. She told me to meet in the stadium, so we could do some simple or regular exercises before dumped into the wednesday morning market. Well, it supposed to be our first-time-date  first-time-met in Sungai Besar since our last wave for NS, so, well, I quite encouraged and went there 10 minute earlier. Biha told me that she'll be there on 8 a.m. And I managed to be there ON TIME! [suprised? Less lesson sungguh..]

The morning breeze that blown from the bagan was so refreshing. Aahhh~..haha. I managed to cycle faster as I enjoyed the breeze so much. Cool, didnt I? to Allah The Almighty who create the wind. Before reaching the stadium, I bought a milo for breakfast. MILOO IS ALWAYS GOOOODD. It energized me a lot [ Maka, minumlah MILO~ haha :) ] As soon as I stepped the stadium compound, biha wasn't there. So, I did some exercise and also practicing plenty of bicycle's tricks! [Hebat tak..]. Go around the area...and around..around....until 9.05 a.m, when biha arrived. [Memang less lesson]. Then we went to the morning market together. Such a fun thing to going out with a cheerful person like her.

By the way, I managed to do some photographing while waiting for her.

it was raining on that morning. patutla bangun lambat.

the new syariah court. Amazing!

the stadium compound

the uncles kept looking at me when I passed by 


the track

place where the viewers can sit


Whoa! Today's hang-out was really fantastic, but I felt a little dissapointed for myself. I really spent a lot of money today, buying shirts, watch, and FOOD. haha. Quite sad :(  *Thank God it's just a morning market, not a shopping complex yet! * When I went to BSN to bank-in some money, I even become more and more sad viewing the recipt. There's only a little penny left..waaaa 

Does it mean i REALLY need a work?

Friday, April 15, 2011

copy jela

Assalamualaikum :)

ni surat orang lain sebenarnya

Yo..ak nak citer pasal pengalaman interbiu ak tapi sebab dah panjang berjela tulis kat blog satu lagi (siap spekeng ag tu ).. so rase maleh pulak nak tulis kat sini. So, bagi sesiapa yang TERminat atau BERminat nak baca,, boleh la klink-klink link ini ye~

Apa rasanya kene interview untuk first time dalam hidup?? (dah la interview mende penting pulak tu)

Teettt..haha. Semua salah. Yang benarnya ialah ------> BLURR~* hehe.

p/s: kalau tak percaya korang boleh try sendiri. Blur pasal tengok orang lain jawapan hebat2. Interview JPA kan secara group.

Anyway, all the best untuk MARA n KPLSPM n UPU candidates.

Monday, April 11, 2011


tik tok , tik tok..
the clock keep moving on, counting the time.
But i dont realize that it already the second month of April..!~~ huhu...talking about study, I always feel that I really3 want to study abroad, but does I, myself allowed to do that? Dreaming about something is really easy, but to pursue it is not as easy like that. I do hope I'll try my best for the interview. Alhamdulillah, I've given the chance to sit for JPA interview by the next two days..and now I feel like "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"...Talk about JPA interview really make me feel I had never attended an interview before! The candidates are all great during their school time, most of them also can speak well; either in english or malay. While I, neither of them. Isk3..fath,shak...CAMNER NI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can I make a move if I always being like this..!~  People always tell me that I really can speak well. My pronouncation and the vocabulary are both good too but the matter is- I SPEAK TO I'm ni a hush..then I'll like seems to be so apprehensive that both my hands and my words are shaking stimultaneously~...adoooiiii (@_@). I really need to fix these problem within 2 days! Nabila, chaiyok!!!!! I come.!!! (confidence is always a fundamental, right? haha..poyos jes)

p/s: by any chance, jordan is quite near to Israel, right? Then can I insinuate into palestin and help people there..~ JIHAD!!! yeah~