Thursday, April 21, 2011


Assalamualaikum :)

Today I would like to share some knowledge or the speaking skills which I had just learnt during today's class. Hehe. Direct translating is something that nowdays students always do either for their daily conversation or composition. At last, the WORD in BAHASA kept bluttering out from our mouth instead of english.

 Okeh, when we want to start speaking in English, it quite good at first, but suddenly it would got stucked somewhere, RIGHT?  This is because, we Malays tend to keep translating a particular word into english directly from bahasa. For example: tiang lampu ---> Lamp pole  , batu api---> Firestone , baju sekolah----> school cloth. THATS ALL WRONG, dear. It supposed to be lamp post, flint, uniform

Thing like this happend because:

1) Less vocarb
2) Slow-thinking

So, what I've got from the class is-->> TO OVERCOME THIS PROBLEM, one should always keep thinking in english from their brain (during conversing in english laa..) .And then the words will fluently come out from his/her mouth :) Usually people think the words in Malay, then how come the word should come out in english fluently. Then that called as DIRECT TRANSLATION. By the way, there is sometimes we REALLY can't remember certain words although they're just simple ones. If that happend, why not you explain the words using simple sentences instead of being stucked. For example: Matress---> Things that people need to sleep. Stadium---> Place where people held games and sports. Like that. Much simple and easy :)

But then, how can you translate these *just to test your comprehension*

1) Kuat seperti badang
2)Air yang tenang jangan disangka tiada buaya
3)Kehidupan yang lebih aman dan makmur
4)Aku jatuh macam nangka busuk

Happy trying :)


LemoN~* said...

bagilah jwpn~~~ ehe

haru_maki said...

give yours first :)

MISS Q said...

strong as hercules : kuat seerti badang hehe

LemoN~* said...

alaaaaa.. kebuluran lahhh

LemoN~* said...

share lah jwpn~ plzzzzzz

haru_maki said...

haha...pity shak. Ok2..normally people tend to do direct translation like "as strong as badang" but, the fact is ; neither american nor englishman have the word "badang" instead. So, the correct answer is "as strong as a rock", "dont judge a book by its cover/still water runs deep", "living in peace and harmony", "I fell off hardly". Translate holistically based on the meaning, not the words; or we could get stucked and wrote wrong during conversation and composition.