Monday, April 11, 2011


tik tok , tik tok..
the clock keep moving on, counting the time.
But i dont realize that it already the second month of April..!~~ huhu...talking about study, I always feel that I really3 want to study abroad, but does I, myself allowed to do that? Dreaming about something is really easy, but to pursue it is not as easy like that. I do hope I'll try my best for the interview. Alhamdulillah, I've given the chance to sit for JPA interview by the next two days..and now I feel like "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"...Talk about JPA interview really make me feel I had never attended an interview before! The candidates are all great during their school time, most of them also can speak well; either in english or malay. While I, neither of them. Isk3..fath,shak...CAMNER NI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can I make a move if I always being like this..!~  People always tell me that I really can speak well. My pronouncation and the vocabulary are both good too but the matter is- I SPEAK TO I'm ni a hush..then I'll like seems to be so apprehensive that both my hands and my words are shaking stimultaneously~...adoooiiii (@_@). I really need to fix these problem within 2 days! Nabila, chaiyok!!!!! I come.!!! (confidence is always a fundamental, right? haha..poyos jes)

p/s: by any chance, jordan is quite near to Israel, right? Then can I insinuate into palestin and help people there..~ JIHAD!!! yeah~