Monday, April 25, 2011

Prof. Dr. Muhaya

Assalamualaikum :)

Now I gonna to make a tribute for Prof. Dr. Muhaya on this post. Do you know her? I adore her so much as she is a great muslimah icon who should be inspired of. Professor Dr. Muhaya Mohamad currently serves as Consultant Eye Surgeon and Director of PCMC Eye and Lasik Centre Prince Court Medical Centre, Professor of Ophthalmology of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, and Adjunct Professor to International Islamic University of Malaysia. Currently, she is the Chairperson of Malaysian Medical Association Ophthalmological Society.

with her husband- Dr. Aziz

during motivational talk with Syeikh Muzaffar in 'Mata ke Hati'

Besides that, she does motivational speeches to UKM, PCMC staff and students, professionals and on TV and currently she’s also the Director of Personal Development of ACMS. Apart from all of these, one thing that amazed me so much about her is despite her busy works as *semua jawatan di atas la * she can manage her time well to write wonderful books and give magnificient talks about Islam. Masya-Allah :) . This is the role-model whom Islam dream off. A mujahidah who holds both duniawi and ukhrawi. I seldom follow her talks and motivational speech on IKIM radio. And she really inspires me a lot to become like her, and I want to follow her footsteps in the future. Based on what I heard from my mother [ also one of her kipas-susah-mati ] she said that being a doctor is the easiest way to do dakwah. Just approach the patient and give them some motivation as well as pleasant advice on Islam. Teach them how to solat, tawakal and redha. Amazing, right?

I adore her sweet smile

I hope i'll be like her in the future. A professionalist ; at the same time a mujahidah who talks a lot about Islam.

one of her books

If you are interested to read her journal , you can go here. She shares a lot of great story about her patients.

dr. muhaya mohamad

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husna assaedah said...

i sdore her too nabila,, kata2 dy mmg menusuk hati dan jiwa ak..lg2 bila slot pg dy kat IKIm .pagi rabu,,perghhhhh..mmg subhanAllah...

haru_maki said...

betul3..suare dy lembut tapi kata2nya bermakna an...dah la doktor..pakar pulak