Thursday, April 21, 2011


Assalamualaikum :)

Have you heard anything about pocoyo? Its a fun-cute looking baby who always enjoys himself playing with his duck named pato. Actually I have never watching him on television before, but my brother seems to love him very much as he asked me to find for pocoyo videos on YouTube. When first time he asked for my favour, saying, " akak..nak tengok pocoyo" and I was like..haa?? POCOYO? Apekemende tu? After some googling, I found who is pocoyo. So damn little cute-lah! Haha *fell in love* ---and very funny too. As zorif loves the action sooo mucchh,, so I keep using pocoyo as bait  reason to stop him playing online games, so I can blogging, just like what is happening now. Hahah :)

pocoyo *cute* :)

his beshfren : pato :)

elly :)

loula :)

[ dan ramai lagi la..tanya je enchik google ]

Open this if you want to know MORE about pocoyo. Or you either can go to YouTube too :)


*pocoyo is too cute! :) *

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