Monday, April 25, 2011

ayam penyet

Assalamualaikum :)

Have you heard any of ayam penyet? It is one of the dishes that fly from Pulau Jawa, Indonesia. Well, at last I managed to taste some yesterday night. Actually I've been eager to eat ayam penyet sooo muuuch since I saw about it from a stall near by restoran Kuala Kurau *for almost everyday*. The taste is quite good because the chicken (bahagian peha..besau giler ) is very crunchy and scrumptious ! 

Actually the story-of-first-time-eating-ayam-penyet started when I went for a lunch at restoran Kuala Kurau on Friday evening. Instead of looking at the dishes offered at the restaurant,the stall whose  banner decorated with the ayam penyet's picture caught my eyes so much . Looks great as I never consume some before. Yet, I didnt go there because I'd already ordered nasi latna on that time. Then, on Sunday, Intan told me to meet up with her, accompanied by yani for a lunch after 9 hours NON-STOP working as a cashier at rahman's songkok . Haha ! *Suka2 :)* God bless me much as Intan offered to treat me, and what I need is just to order anything that I want. So, I seduced her for an ayam penyet from that particular stall. Unfortunately, it was closed on Sunday. Instead, we had our wonderful lunch at Me Cafe--->all paid by Intan. and we got to eat a lot ! There's even a dessert for us. Whoa ! Thanks Intan :)

At night, I asked my father a lot about ayam penyet. Where do it came from, how it taste, how it looks like, and suprisingly, he offered to take me to an Indonesian stall at Panchang Bedena in order to have the REAL TASTE of ayam penyet. And somehow, we did ! [ although it was already 10 p.m on that time ]. And when the ayam penyet served in front of me, I was like nyum3.. It quite ordinary actually; but I enjoyed the chicken along with the sambal very much. The rice given was so much that I unable to finish it myself. Then, I kept being thankful to my lovely father and also to Him for giving me a GREAT DAY !

:) One from the stall taste better from the Indonesian's. 


Zaim said...

hui..aku pun
rumah aku kan dekat ngan gerai beliau~

LemoN~* said...

pena makan jugak,, tp kt pdg jawa, hehe
btw, lagu kt blog sye ialah lagu who says

haru_maki said...

ecehh..tu yg real kot..