Saturday, July 4, 2015

Funny yet that's what make Egypt, Egypt


So today we should be going for fortox oral exam; and we did go, but stopped halfway by the wave of our batchmates seen coming out from the university gate, shouting "Weh, dah habis. Dapat full marks!".

I was like "Series ah!"; and really fell into that because some of our arabic collegues said the same, the doctors are cheerful, kuwayis awiy and ready to give the students full marks despite of wrong or inaccurate answers given. 

And then other friend said, "No lah, takde exam hari ni. Jadual kita esok."

Now i see.

No need for other disagreement, this is what make Egypt; Egypt.


Some other side story.

Yesterday there's iftar party at madinat nasr. I was keen to go but there's exam on saturday and that hesistates me to go, eventhough i already informed myself that i will never able to study from 6pm-10.30pm. The mood just not coming. Then hearing aisyah willing to go there with kak lily --pumped my spirit to go along! Horray!

Ps: Pardon my english, seems it turns more 'parah' towards the end. Please bear with me.

Everything went smooth until its time to go to mosque for terawih prayer. My pre exam depression syndrome give a knock. I felt very unmotivated so i asked my fellow usrahmates to lift my spirit up.

They did.
And it was beautiful.

As a return, i felt so exhausted that i slept from the moment of terawih till late in the morning (after subuh i ran for bed again), i didn't study neither revised much and; just go for exam, and things happen.

When i went home, kak tiqah zul messaged me and ask about the exam; so i tell her the story, and her reply was;

"Tu la Allah nak kasi can study lagi."

Mebi ada antara2 doa semalam yang termakbul. I think so.

So dalam masa yang ada ni jom lah kita study k. Tak layak nak futur dalam benda yang menjadi medan amal kita. Kata nak jadi dokter hebat yang menjadi asset untuk dakwah?


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