Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Beautiful women


I have encountered a lot of good people in the world; especially since I came to Egypt. They are too good, too wonderful. And no one as bad as me, yeah I'm sure I am the 'wickest' among all as I know all the things playing in my heart each and every then.

Of course I don't know what plays in their inside but apparently they are blooming themselves, stunning me with all those beautiful akhlaqs. It's like, macam boleh jatuh cinta laa dengan mereka for they are amazing people. How they are so polite, never say no to others especially the ones concerning the needy ones. Never hesitates to allocate their precious time for others, always smiling, and I never once see them without al-quran in their hand,

I once wrote before, how strong imaan inside is like a really tough tree, in which the roots went deep inside the ground, attaching itself firmly on the earth. While the upper part of the tree went up high crouching the wide blue sky. And lots of branches grew out from it. All these kalimah potraying a good big steady and stable tree. That's how a good imaan is. And in DDU, Salim A Fillah remind us not to forget the continuation of that ayah "..........(pohon) itu menghasilkan buahnya pada setiap waktu seizin Tuhannya, ..." (14:25). Yep, this time we will talk about the fruit.

As written in Muntalaq, an imaan should be fruitful. As what a tree does. A fruit is one of the benefits that people gain from a tree. So, a good mukmin should show his 'fruits' so that others will also 'terkena tempias' imaan too.

And the fruit is akhlaq. If it isn't shown on figure of a mukmeen then it must be something wrong happened here.

Hmm thus, my calculation will go this way;

If someone good, means the akhlaq was good.
So someone with good akhlaq should be a good servant to His God.


When someone enters tarbiyyah, should be his imaan got nutured and increased, by time
So as the iman got bigger, then the akhlaq comes in
People of tarbiyyah are wonderful inside out

Err of course lah, those above words are too ideal. People are not perfect.
Also in DDU, Salim A Fillah also explains how iman=akhlaq wasn't having cause-effect relationship. In contrast, akhlaq is something a muslim should 'juhd' for. Fight for. It needs training, it needs enthusiasm, spirit of not giving up, a strong will, ect.

Which, all those strong desire to change and become better comes from imaan itself.
Allah is the best reason for us to having a mukmeen's virtue as "Innallaha jamaal, wa yuhibbu jamaal"

"Allah is Beautiful and loves beauty"

May I become as decent as those whom near to Allah :) Ameen.

After all, this is my new goal in #roadtobecomeakhawat xD

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