Thursday, March 31, 2016

Disused atrophy

Dinosaurs joke

Once in class while learning about face presentation of baby during labour, our prof Dr Abdel Salam ask us,

"In your opinion which is more common? Mento-anterior position(MA) or mento-posterior(MP) position? Any suggestion?"
Semua orang senyap. Blur.

Then prof tanya,

"Do you know why dinosaurs extinct? Because of disused atrophy. They did not use their brain to run away *ayat tambahan*. If you do not use your brain it will also undergo atrophy. Use your brain! It's very simple. Being the complication of occipito posterior, of course MA is more common."


Maybe sebab duduk di med school so tak banyak complicated problem solving macam maths or creative thinking macam physics jadi bila masuk benda serabut macam obs and gynae ni terus jem otak nak faham mechanism. Sebenarnya, everything is written in medical text books so kita pun macam malas nak faham. Ada yang sampai tahap menghafal je malas nak faham dan figure out kaitan antara complications bla bla bla,

Aku pun wonder ada ke mana-mana side of my brain yang dah start macam nak atrophied? Ngeh.


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